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Medway Home Improvements provides fencing services to homeowners and commercial property owners all throughout the Kensington area. We deal with the installation of all different types of fences, including; picket fences, steel fences, wooden fences and timber fencing.


We believe in providing an exceptional service from start to finish, keeping our customers the priority throughout the duration of the project. Our tradesmen have had many years worth of experience dealing with the manufacture, installation and maintenance of fences, so we can guarantee our clients only the best products and service for a competitive price.


We cover all aspects of fencing in the Kensington area, providing fences for the domestic, commercial and public industries. Whether it’s a fence for security or for decoration, here at Medway Home Improvements, we will help rectify your requirements in a timely and effective manner.


Our team will measure the area you require to have fencing and provide you with a range of different colours, styles and sizes of the fence you like the most. We can find you an exact match to the fence you’re looking for and provide many alternative styles near to it.


Our installers ensure that your fences are installed accurately and are secured into your terrain effectively. The fences we provide are coated to prevent damage from harsh weather over a set period of time, so you can expect excellent longevity with both your fences aesthetics and performance.


If you require fencing or a fence replacement, we are here to help our customers in Kensington by supplying the best customer service and prices for their fencing needs. Whether the project is big or small, we will ensure to perform above and beyond your expectations to deliver an excellent fencing installation for you, your family and/or visitors to enjoy. 


•Timber fencing
•Steel fencing
•Agricultural fencing
•Industrial fencing
•Stable fencing
•Garden fencing
•Compound fencing

•Post and Rain fencing

•Mesh fencing

•Link fencing

•Oak fencing

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Fencing - Kensington

•Softwood fencing

•Bespoke fences
•Chain link fencing

•Equestrian/Paddock/Stable fencing
•Feather edge fencing 
•Inverted fencing
•Ornamental fencing
•Perimeter fencing
•Picket fencing
•Chevron fencing
•Close board fencing

With each project comes a very precise process that each and every team member follows to ensure that your fences will last and stay durable throughout any weather, this is due to the fact that we treat our fences with a protective coat to make it even more sustainable. This isn’t a one off either, we’ll apply the protective layer whenever you want or think you need it.


Being a reliable and loyal contractor that offers not only a professional, dependant and bespoke installation but also offers maintenance post-installation, has allowed us to build many relationships with connections in and out of Gravesend ensuring you that you’re in good hands if you choose our services.


We want our clients to feel confident and satisfied with every project we complete for them which is why we always go the extra mile and answer any questions you may have and always offer addition maintenance for your fences.


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